Teppichsatz F.Porsche 50 Jahre Jubilee ( hellbeige-grau) erhältlich

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  1. Can you please let me know how much material I would need to reapolster the 2 front and rear seats of a 1988 Porsche 944. I would like the stoff 944 celebration option 757 premium. I’ll be doing the seats as they were stock so only the tops of the front seats will be covered in this and the whole rear. Along with how much I need Can you also give me the total cost for material and shipping. Also do you know were I can get this in the US to make it a little easier on us both? Either wat thank you very much.

    1. You need approx. 5 meters for the front and rear seats.
      We are the producers of the fabric and do not have a distribution partner in the USA. But you can also easily buy this fabric from us. Write us an email with your order request and we will take care of the rest. 🙂

  2. Hola, un saludo desde Costa Rica. Espero me puedan ayudar con información sobre los números de chasis, (VIN) de los Porsche 924 jubileo 50 años. Pues tengo uno y necesito confirmar si es o no. Mi chasis es: WP0ZZZ92ZCN404497, ya que sus otras características corresponden pero tengo dudas. Saludos.

    1. Sorry, but Porsche does not answer. The model year matches with the Jubilee model, but only Porsche can say whether they were still produced with number 4000+.

  3. bonjour j aurez voulu savoir si vous auriez le tissu pour refaire les sièges de ma 924 que je suis entrain de restaurre ? et quel quantité me faut il ? cordialmeent M Vindix

    1. Hello Stephane,
      you need 3 running meters for the front and rear seats. Include the door panels you will need 4 meters. And yes, the fabric is in stock.
      (Bonjour Stéphane,
      vous avez besoin de 3 mètres courants pour les sièges avant et arrière. Incluez les panneaux de porte dont vous aurez besoin de 4 mètres. Et oui, le tissu est en stock.)

  4. Bonjour

    J’aurais souhaité vous acheter un tableau de bord pour la fabuleuse 924 2,0 de 1984 de mon Papa
    Il le faudrait marron

    Vous pouvez me joindre par mail ou par téléphone

    Bien cordialement loic

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